Hooked On All of These Feelings


So Joe, some other friends and I all went to the midnight premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy. Over the past couple years I have experienced a roller coaster of hope. Various things gave me hope and others crushed said hope. For example, the casting choice of Chris Pratt as Starlord made my jaw drop. I always knew him as a chubby, lovable idiot from the TV show Park and Recreation. I worried that he was an unwise choice. However, my spirits were raised by the release a 3 second clip of Rocket fire a machine gun. When I sat down in my seat Thursday night, I was not so much excited about to watching an awesome movie, but rather that I was going to finally know if it was good or not. Oh, and how amazing it was.

First off Chris Pratt was a very pleasant surprise. I was not expecting him to be good, because I was worried they would try and make him a serious action star. However, they let him be his natural silly self. This allowed the moments where he was serious, have more impact. His constant arrogance subverted the hero clichés in a fantastic way. Another surprise was the furriest of the Guardians.

Rocket is a small anthropomorphic Raccoon who is the product of illegal genetic research. He really does steal the show with his sharp wit and voice work by Bradley Cooper. Much like all of the other Guardians he has funny side and a somber edge. Rocket has the best emotional arc of any of the other leads. This is saying a lot since each of them gets equal shares of the plot-spot-light.

Along with the great character developments, the film was beautiful in every other respect. The music was genius. The high tech modern sci-fi imagery set to 80’s rock, was as brilliant as a snowman obsessed with summer. The music also helps set up the tone of the movie. Until the ending climactic battle the music allows the film keep a much lighter tone then any of the Marvel predecessors. Yet, it doesn’t detach itself from the rest of the cinematic universe. Tony Stark or Thor showing up seems perfectly reasonable.

All in all, this was one of the best Marvel films to date; I truly believe this film might become this generation’s Star Wars. I see a long a prosperous future for this franchise. I definitely suggest this film. I saw it twice in a 24 hour period. I saw it in both 2D and 3D, and the 3D definitely looks awesome. I can’t wait to see what Disney continues to do with these Marvel films. One last thought, the after credits sequence gives us no clues to the next films, and if you are a hardcore Marvel/Lucasfilms fan, it might make cry in the fetal position.

For a second opinion, check out Joe’s review.


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