This is a review for the mind-bending movie “Lucy”. Basically the movie is about a young woman named, well, Lucy who is exposed to a large quantity of a new drug called CPH-4. It causes her to unlock the 90% of the human brain the movie claims we don’t use. However, it’s killing her at the same time. So, she must race against time to save herself. This review is going to be extremely short. Mainly, because I don’t know what to say about this film. I have never walked out of a theater so dumbfounded by a movie, yet strangely satisfied. It was weird, I mean really weird. “Lucy” was definitely a brain-squeezer, with bizarre off-shoots, and metaphorical imagery, yet it still had a coherent plot. Although, the science is bogus, the action sequences are about as exciting as Ben Stein reading the phone book, and that there is a total lack of any real conflict, I still found myself enjoying the amazing visuals of the film. Although the trailers suggest an action packed thriller, it was more of a big budget experimental, art film. It was a spectacle to be sure, but not a mainstream style film. It was all about ideas and concepts rather than actions. Even though it ended anticlimactically, I wasn’t disappointed because the film didn’t have a huge build-up to begin with. I tip my hat to the makers of this film, because even though it has all the elements of a bad movie I can’t give it a bad review. However, I give them this warning as well. Lightening rarely strikes twice for stuff like this. Take all the great stuff you had, put it in your next film, and learn from the things that held this one back. As for the rest of you readers, I encourage you to go see this movie to form your own opinion, because I honestly can’t give my own. I think I’ll by working through this one for a while.


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