Webb and Web-Head: A Match Made in Hollywood Heaven



Due to me being an avid Comic reader, and film watcher I have included links at the bottom of the review to help give some of my statements context. If you’re dude and you understand all my references without the links, let’s be friends. However,  If you’re a Woman in her early twenties…marry me.


Well it’s been a while and for that I apologize, but let’s jump right in. At 9:00 pm May 1st I saw the newest film starring everyone’s favorite arachnid based hero, well unless you really love The Tick*, but I doubt that. The movie has been out in foreign theaters for almost two weeks now, and the internet has been a minefield of spoilers. Luckily I have avoided them all, and fear not, this blog will spoil nothing for you. However, I will say this, it was a great film.

Now many very popular critics disagree with me. The most important to me was Movie Bob of Escapist Magazine**. He hated it; he said he felt Electro was irrelevant, and that the film ultimately went nowhere. I couldn’t disagree more (BTW after this review went up he posted a video about how he loves Spider-Man 3)***. I know he’s been doing this way longer than me, and he even mentioned that he hates when stuffy critics get too pompous for honest reviews. It funny that when he said this he flashed a picture of Anton Ego from Ratatouille****. Truth be told I felt that he was being exactly like Ego, he said Marc Webb is a terrible director, but Movie Bob cannot be more wrong.

Why do we go to the movies? We use movies to immerse ourselves in a different world. We want to put ourselves in the shoes of the heroes, and feel what they feel. That is exactly what this movie does. Webb has managed to create a Spider-man story arc that is not only funny, smart, and action-packed, but it makes you feel something whether you’re an long time comic fan, or a casual movie watcher. I have never been so emotionally invested in a film before, the action had me at the edge of my seat, the jokes had me laughing like a fool, and the drama had my heart racing.

The Amazing Spider-man 2 accomplished its goal, even if the plot is a bit squeaky, and character development is a bit lacking. I can tell Sony is setting up for something much larger, and unlike the X-men movie as of late, and DC’s attempt at a cinematic universe, Sony has the best chance of competing with Marvel studio’s cinematic universe, and they are only working with one hero. They do this by making the villains great, even if Rhino was a bit disappointing. I also want to say a nerdy Jamie Foxx was hard to watch. However, once Foxx goes full Electro…watch out because shiz gets real.

In conclusion, all the critics that said Spidey’s newest installment is a bad movie are entitled to their opinions, and are allowed to dislike the film, but they can kindly go pound sand, suck eggs, or whatever term for tottling off you personally prefer. I have a personal love of Spider-Man. My very first comic was Ultimate Spider-Man #2*****, as the years went on Spider-man comics made their way into my possession, and My favorite comic of all time is AvX #9****** in which Spider-Man single handedly defeats the brother sister team of Magik and Colossus who were at the time juiced up by the Pheonix Force*******, while in Hell (Trust me that’s very impressive). Spider-Man is my favorite hero, and I went into this film expecting dreck********, especially after that very underwhelming first movie. However, If Sony can keep this up, then I’m looking forward to the future of Spider-Man. Amazing Spider-Man 2 was fun, exciting, emotional, well scored, well shot, well directed, well written, and well-acted. In short it was…amazing.

* The Tick Opening Theme

** Movie Bob’s Review (Warning Possible Spoilers)

*** Movie Bob’s Spider-Man 3 Review

**** Anton Ego’s Monolouge from Ratatouille

***** Ultimate Spider-man #2

****** Avengers vs. X-men #9

******* Pheonix Force

******** I have never been so wrong in all my life.


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