Site Updates + Jake Is Making a Movie!


Hello friends! Joe here with a handful of updates for you all- there have been a few substantial changes made to the blog very recently that we’d like to make you aware of. To begin though, I want to say thank you for reading! Whether you’re one of our friends who has been tracking with us from the beginning or this is your first visit to the site or anywhere in between, thanks for checking out the site! We’ve really enjoyed offering up our honest opinions on the movies and albums we’ve covered thus far, and we look forward to continuing that with some degree of consistency as time goes on!

So first off, on a non-T&C-related note… Jake is making a movie! He’s hoping to film a documentary on comics and their effect on mainstream culture, where he will take a trip across the country interviewing important people in the comic industry and end up at Comic-Con. If that sounds at all interesting to you, he needs your help to make it happen, and you can contribute to his Kickstarter campaign here. I mean, for a mere $5 contribution you can get a digital copy of the film when it releases! By the way, he didn’t ask me to say anything about this, but I thought a site update like this would be as appropriate a place as any to share that and help him spread the word. So go check out the campaign!

On to the updates. What do you think of the new look? Thanks to WordPress’s wide selection of themes, we were able to totally overhaul the home page and the site’s overall appearance, and we think it looks a lot better! From the top menu you still have access to the review archives where all our reviews are listed alphabetically (by title for movies, by artist for albums), and all the content that used to be on the sidebars can now be accessed by clicking the ‘+’ sign towards the bottom-center of the page.

Now take a look at your URL bar and what do you see? That’s right- also thanks to WordPress, we are now located at our own domain of! In case you’re wondering, the old address of will still take you here, but we have officially dropped the “.wordpress” piece of the URL and are on our own domain.

Also, starting this month we are going to try and start a more regular posting schedule where Jake will deliver something new on Mondays and I will offer up new posts on Fridays. Jake kicked us off on Monday with a review of the video release of Shrek: The Musical, and I’ll most likely have a writeup of some sort on the new season of Sherlock ready for takeoff on Friday. Depending on what’s been released recently and what we’ve had the chance to see and listen to, these posts will probably not all be proper “reviews,” so we’ll definitely be coming up with other entertainment-related topics to write about as we go along that we hope will be interesting and thought-provoking for you. And as far as that “Tricky vs. the Cynic” thing we hinted at on Facebook a while back goes… well, we didn’t do it during Christmas break, and being away at different colleges makes the creation of content like that rather difficult. But it’s coming… some day.

Finally, as far as social media is concerned, you can scroll to the bottom of this page (or any page on the site) and follow the links to go “like” us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter to get regular updates on new posts and whatnot through those mediums. If you’re into email updates, click the ‘+’ sign towards the bottom-center of the page and follow the directions that appear to get new posts sent directly to your inbox.

I hope these site updates make this a better place overall for you as a reader of our blog. Watch out for Mondays and Fridays, and thanks again for reading! Soli Deo Gloria.


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