Ruinin’ the Ronin


Keanu Reeves Stars in this martial arts flick as the half Japanese man, Kai, found in the forest as a young child. He lives as an outcast amongst the samurai who found him. Even though he has proved himself in battle time and time again, the Samurai hold no respect for him due to his mixed heritage. One day while the Shogun is visiting their land the evil Lord Kira and his Sorcerous accomplice frame Kai’s master for attempted murder. With their master gone, the Samurai become Ronin, and swear vengeance for their fallen master. One year later the Samurai general sets out to find Kai who was sold into slavery, and assemble the remaining Ronin. Sound like a great set right? Well the resulting film was disappointing.

Martial arts films don’t need to have an airtight plot. All most people want from a movie like this is good action and lots of it. I won’t lie the action in this movie is good stuff; there’s just not enough of it. Too much time is spent on poorly acted dialogue sequences. If you’re going to have a martial arts film with excessive dialogue at least get good actors. Keanu was a good start. However, Reeves doesn’t even have the most screen time, nor is he the only important hero. Plus, the villains were just stock villains. They had no personality they were just evil…that’s it. Frankly, this movie wasn’t good, and it wasn’t bad. It was just forgettable and boring.


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