Secret Hit of Ben Stiller


Over a year ago the first trailer came out for this movie. I was instantly enthralled, but no-one else I talked to was as excited. Then the movie came out, and I was vindicated. Everyone (except the critics) loves it, as did I. This remake of a 1947 film, of the same name, was probably one of the greatest films in a long time.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was a fun, clean, deep, and heart-warming adventure, about a middle-aged, Life Magazine photo technician who goes on the adventure of a lifetime. The story starts off with Walter trying to set up his eHarmony account. He realizes he hasn’t done anything noteworthy in his life, except for the amazing things he’s done in his overactive imagination. On this same day he finds out Life Magazine has been acquired by another company, and they will be printing the last issue. This last issue will use a photo from the legendary Sean O’Connell, but the photo O’Connell tells them to use goes missing. With his job on the line Walter must find O’Connell and get the picture back to New York for the final issue, the problem is Sean is never in the same place for long. He is always circling the globe hunting amazing images.

As Mr. Mitty embarks on this journey, he must go outside his own comfort zone as he crisscrosses the globe looking for the allusive Sean O’Connell. The story that unfolds is quirky and endearing. I feel like Walter Mitty is a very relatable character. I have yet to meet anyone who does want live life to the fullest or go one an adventure. We all day dream, and imagine a more exciting version of our lives. However, I believe this film shows no matter what we do with our lives as long as we do the best we can and put our all into everything we do, then the man who develops the photos is just as important as the man who waited three hours in a jungle, being sucked dry by mosquitoes, to expose the film.


One thought on “Secret Hit of Ben Stiller

  1. Stiller seems like he can handle a lot of material such as this, even if it isn’t perfect. That said, I look forward to what he can do next. Good review Jake.

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