Jake’s Top 5 Christmas Films

5. A Christmas Story

You’ll shoot your eye out! This is one of the many extremely quotable lines in this holiday classic. This Movie has a major nostalgia factor for me. My family watches this one every Christmas day, as do many other families. The story is about a 1940’s young elementary school student as he tries to find a way to get a Red Ryder B.B. Gun for Christmas. If you haven’t seen this film you are missing out on an amazing Christmas flick.

4. Nightmare Before Christmas

I am a hug fan of Christmas, Tim Burton, and Disney. You can imagine how I feel about this one. As soon as Thanksgiving is over I set the song “What’s This” as my ringtone. This movie is just the right amount of creep and charm. I always watch it at least twice a year once at Halloween and once at Christmas. The story of Jack Skelington’s discontentment with his title of the Pumpkin King, and his desire for something more is one we can all find a way to relate to.

3. It’s a Wonderful Life

I don’t know why it took twenty Christmas’ to watch this movie, but now that I have all my future Christmas’ will be incomplete without. This movie has been parodied almost as much as “A Christmas Carol”, but none of the films which pay homage do it justice. The story of George Baily’s existential crisis plays out in a film in which the plot, flow, camera work, effects, and dialogue are ahead of their time. That is why this film made it to my list. It will age well, like George Baily who doesn’t appear any older at 40 then when he was 22.

2. Jingle All the Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger scours the city looking for the perfect Christmas gift for his son, who is played by Jacob Lloyd before George Lucas got ahold of him. (‘Nuff Said)

1. Elf

The story of Buddy the Elf is a timeless and creative one. It is a perfect fish out of water story about a human, raised as an elf, that travel from The North Pole to the city of New York in search of his father. This movie is probably Will Ferrell’s masterpiece and is also the film which started my year’s long crush on Zoë Deschanel. I watch this movie several times a year, and not always around Christmas. I believe every generation has its own Christmas film. Our grandparents had “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “A Christmas Story” was our parent’s, and I believe “Elf” is ours.

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