Tragically Good


Most likely you have read Joe’s review of this film already. After the film we stood in the parking garage for a long while, and I realized Joe feel the same way about this movie as I did about Man of Steel. Sadly I feel bad. While Joe supported my feelings on Man of Steel, I do not agree with him on The Hobbit: DoS. I do agree that it was a desolation of the source material, but as a movie in itself, it was a great film. Peter Jackson is an amazing film maker, and has a true passion for the source material. However, he has one flaw; he wants to recreate the wonder of his superb trilogy. He is chasing the cinematic dragon.

My comments are going to be short. The movie was beautiful, the plot was tight, and the characters were fun. Benedict Cumberbatch was outstanding as Smaug. Although I have to be honest, the first hour is exceedingly boring, but once the plot gets going, it…gets…going! The fight scenes are tight, the elves are awesome, and the last 45 minutes is nothing but dragon-y goodness. My message to the mass public is a resounding “see it”. The boredom of the beginning is worth waiting through. However, a warning to those who love the original works, you might wanna wait till Blu-ray. I, however am not bothered by the added characters, scenes, and shredded plot.

For a second opinion, check out Joe’s review.


One thought on “Tragically Good

  1. Nice review Jake. A tad better than the first, but still feels like there’s plenty more room left for improvement. Especially in the running-time.

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