Escape the Mouse


Recently I co-hosted a screening event of a small independent film. The movie was called Escape from Tomorrow. The whole movie was filmed in Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The kicker is that it was done without Disney’s permission or knowledge. The way the stayed covert was using regular DSLR cameras for image and tiny voice recorders for sound. I wanted to see it just because of the idea. I was not expecting the quality of film I ended up seeing. Even with the lack of professional equipment they managed to make a high quality production. This is definitely a great debut film for Director and Writer Randy Moore. It is a cult classic in the making.

The story is about a man going insane while on vacation with his family. We watch as a, recently fired, family man descend into madness, in the “happiest place on earth”. I myself, as longtime readers know by now, am a huge Disney nut. It added to the terror of the film, as images I associate with joy and the warm fuzzies, get mutated into images of horror. This was probably the most effective psychological horror film I have ever seen. I think it is because it strikes a chord most Americans feel. It’s the ambivalence we all harbor towards Disney. Disney represents the childhood of several generations. However, as we get older the façade falls, we see how Disney buys everything, and sues anyone of small things. Somehow this film has avoided that, thanks to fair use copyright laws. It also shows a false the “happy” is in the Disney parks.

Over all I think this movie will be a huge success and I look forward to what Randy Moore puts out next. However, I warn you this is not a movie for the faint of heart. Like I said earlier, it’s a very terrifying R-rated psychological horror film, with violence, and disturbing images. After watching this you WILL NOT look at Disneyland the same way again. I personally won’t ever ride Small World again.


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