Switching It Up


In our senior year of high school Joe and I were both chosen to be student leaders. This is where we became friends. Frankly, I wish that weren’t the case. I wish Joe and I had become friends much earlier. Over the last few years Zamolo and I have become really close. We quickly realized we were to peas in a pod. My rambunctious craziness is a great balance to his cool and collected personality. We both have similar taste in movies, music, and hobbies. Over the years Joe has become my musical sensei. One of the bands he got me into was Switchfoot. This band became a symbol of our friendship. Not matter what we disagreed on we always agreed Switchfoot was awesome. So, you can imagine the excitement we felt when we found out Switchfoot was releasing a documentary, and that they were doing concert/movie tour, and that that tour was coming to Santa Barbara. We jumped at the opportunity to see it. Joe and our friend Kevin drove all the way up from their college in Santa Clarita to go. I go to UC Santa Barbara so they stayed with me while up here. We all had a blast.

Switchfoot is one of the greatest live acts out there. They love the audience. Jon Foreman often wanders the crowd while performing. He also has secret shows after many of the concerts. This showmanship translated so well to the screen. Fading West was probably the most well-made rock-umentary I have ever seen. The band is joined by pro-surfers, other musicians and TV personalities as they traverse the globe seeking inspiration for their newest album, by the same name. This movie crossed genres since Switchfoot is well known for their love of the surf. There’s surfing, music, real life drama, and the band is so entertaining. All of them are so naturally funny; there is a lot of laughter throughout. It really has something for everyone.

Fading West shows the band members like we never get to see them; as real people. Switchfoot is a very popular band but they are young as for as bands go. There is a moment while they are at rock festival in Sydney, Australia, where the guys are walking around signing autographs and taking pictures. Suddenly, Slash from Guns ‘n’ Roses walks by, and these men turn into the awestruck fans they were just taking photos with. There is another moment,while on the other side of the planet, Jon Foreman must rush home, because of a sick family member. Throughout the documentary we see these men show love to their fans, family, and the people of the world. It never felt forced I could tell these men really care about all these people, and are in it for more than the money. They really do want to share the hope of their faith, and their lives with the people of the world.

For a second opinion, check out Joe’s review.

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