Pleasantly Surprised


So I’m a huge Disney nut, and I really wanted to see Frozen. The problem is I’m 20, a dude, in college, and have no girlfriend. So, seeing a Disney princess movie by myself would make me look sad and or creepy. However, there is a loop hole to this dilemma, the ironic mass viewing. If I could get a large group together I would blend in with the cynical college students and actually enjoy the flick. For the past week I’ve been assembling the group.  I even got my fellow Disney nut friend in on it. By Sunday we had a large group of college students lined up. Alas, our plan was doomed to failure. One of the girls who had amassed most of the group dropped out, and thus her group dropped out. Slowly our large group disintegrated to just me and the other Disney nut. So, here we were two grown men, me single and him with a girlfriend out of town. We were so desperate to see the film that we decided to go anyway. Now my friend had been listening to the soundtrack all week, and he told me that the songs were really catchy. He proved this by shamelessly singing along with the movie as we watched. All awkwardness aside by the third musical number I didn’t care.

I’ll be honest until the reviews started coming in, I had zero interest in seeing this film. The trailers featured the talking snowman rather than the plot. This ended up being a great tactic, because it surprised everyone. We expected the classic mold Disney/Pixar had formed since the early 2000’s, but Frozen broke the mold in the best way. It was also refreshing to see a movie that focused on a different kind of love other than romantic. The main love story of this movie was the love two sisters have for each other. Not only that, but the musical numbers were amazing and had meaning. This movie was also so beautiful, visually speaking. This was a near perfect film. Even the snowman character (Olaf) was great. He was given the perfect amount of presence to make him a funny distraction rather than an annoying flaw. So, next I’m about commit 90’s kid heresy. I feel this is movie rivals the Disney movies we grew up with. It is my favorite Disney movie EVER!

Please stop yelling expletives at me. I can hear them through time and space, just hear me through. Our generation is the generation of nostalgia. We long for how things were back when we were kids. I feel this is part of a generation wide arrested development, caused by the bleak future predicted for us. I even wrote a short essay on the matter last year. You can read that HERE. Don’t let nostalgia get in the way of enjoying new things. Don’t be embarrassed to feel like a kid again when watching a new movie. Embrace and hold on to it, and as you move through your day remember those feelings of a time when you had no worries. Let them be the buffer while you deal with cynicism of daily life as an adult in this twisted culture. Oh yeah, and go see Frozen.

For a second opinion, check out Joe’s review.


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