Thor Episode II: Attack of the Elves


Star Wars Episode 2 introduced us to the clone troopers, each one had a different personality, but they all looked exactly alike. That is how I felt about this movie. Although, it obviously drew a lot of its visual style, feel, and moments from the Star Wars prequels  it was a completely different movie, and needless to say a better one.

Thor Dark World was visually stunning, witty, action packed, and just all around well written. Unlike the first Iron Man sequel Thor has not regressed in his character development. The lessons he learned in the first film have held true to this one, and the new Thor, fights for Asgard not himself.  I personally think this was the best Marvel Studios film yet.

I know after Avengers and Iron Man 3 this is geek blasphemy, but unlike Avengers which had the easy task of just throwing a bunch of already well-developed characters from various franchises together, and letting the fanboys and geek girls wet themselves from the inherent awesomeness of watching the Hulk punch Thor, or getting one great actor to keep us rolling for 2 hour (like in Iron Man 3). Thor 2 took characters that were half-heartedly developed in the previous installment, and fleshed them out, each one having moments of comedy, drama, and action.

I don’t want to reveal too much about the film, but let me just say although every character was amazing, Loki stole the show. In Avengers, Loki was rarely the source of wit or comedy, his funniest scene was the Hulk embedding him into the marble bar room floor of Tony Stark’s tower penthouse. In Dark World Loki was genuinely funny, charming, heroic, and got some great redemption. If any of you have read my previous reviews you know I’m a sucker for redemption.

In conclusion, this was a winner. I feel it blew Avengers out of the water, and I look forward to see where this film leads the Marvel Universe. Trust me the post-credits scene will make anyone familiar with the comics squee with excitement. I’ll be seeing the movie again sometime next week, and I suggest you all do the same.

For a second opinion, check out Joe’s review.


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