Caught Blue Handed


This weekend I realized I hadn’t seen a new movie in a while. This isn’t a good idea for a film critic. So, I decided to go see a movie, but alas it is the winding down of the summer blockbuster season. So I saw the R-rated comedy “The Worlds End”. Normally I avoid R-rated comedies all together. Mainly because, they are sickening displays of the foulest most sickening side of human depravity put to celluloid (or pixels). However, through much coaxing a few months back I was convinced to watch “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz”.

For those who aren’t familiar with these two films, they are written by director Edgar Write and Simon Pegg. Pegg also stars in them with his real life best friend Nick Frost. Now all three films are part of what is called a “spiritual” trilogy. A spiritual trilogy is a series of films that have nothing the in common by means of characters or world, but instead it is the real life people involved in the films’ creation that makes them a series.

With this said, I found the first two films incredibly funny. Unlike most R-rated comedies, these movies films rely on real wit rather than base crude humor. These movies are rated R mainly because Simon Pegg has a colorful vocabulary. Other than the copious cursing the movies are pretty intelligent. All three films mix great comedy, action, and character building. They are genuinely fun movies. “The Worlds End” was paced very well. The character played off each other well. The action sequences felt properly planned, and choreographed. It wasn’t just a bunch of comedians flailing about trying to look cool. In all three movies Pegg and Frost fight the baddies like real action heroes, all while having their tongues firmly resting in their cheeks. It is truly one of the all-around best movies this summer.

Now comes the hard part for me. This movie has more four letter words then Scrabble Jr. In fact all three movies do. Frankly, I think strong language is childish and almost entirely unnecessary. I have a hard time recommending movies with this much cursing, however it would be hypocritical of me to tell people not to see this movie after a said how much I enjoyed it. So this is what I have to say. I do not condone the language in this film, but if you look past the foul mouths you will see a surprisingly enjoyable flick. However, if you don’t want your eardrums pelted with obscenities (seriously this film has more expletives than Sean Connery has chest hairs), wait for the TV version. I’ll definitely be watching it again when it gets picked up by basic cable.


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